The Main Products

From 2007 we are pleased to announce 2 new product lines.
The first is a line of creations by world renown pressed flower artist Mizue Tanaka. Her art has been shown worldwide and she took the prestigious Grand Prix at the "Corrousel du Louvre", Paris France. This line is entitled "Flowje".

The other is a line of handmade jewelry from the Artemex collection.

We are pleased to be able to offer these lines to anyone interested. Please contact us.


Unique jewelry; real flowers sealed in Silver.
Tiny Mexican flowers preserved for all time, they will remain as fresh looking as the day they were picked.

Specially cultivated and grown specifically for this unique line of jewelry and accessories, these tiny flowers are less than 1/5 inches (5 millimeters)! These tiny flowers have been lovingly produced exclusively for Artemex for over 25 years.

Under the beautiful blue skies of Mexico, these special flowers are picked at their most beautiful prime and permanently sealed to provide an eternity of enjoyment for the owner of this truly unique line of jewelry.

So how are these live flowers preserved for a lifetime of enjoyment of their beauty? Using a specially prepared and totally clear resin, live flowers are placed in their sterling silver setting, and once the resin is applied and after it cures, these beautiful little flowers will be yours to enjoy forever. Looking at the jewelry from the side, you will see the flowers in their real 3 dimensional glory.

There are several types of jewelry in the world which use real flowers, but this method of preserving the tiny blossoms in resin is a unique technology only created by Artemex.

Interested parties, please feel free to contact us using the convenient form on the gRequest Informationh section of this site. We look forward to hearing from you!


Flowje is internationally renowned and acclaimed pressed flower artist Mizue Tanaka's studio. Mizue Tanaka has enjoyed a long and internationally acclaimed career, including taking Grand Prix at the "Corrousel du Louvre" Paris France in 2003. Her works have been shown in Germany, Switzerland, Cairo, Italy and other museums and art exhibitions.

For most of us, even the term "Pressed Flowers" brings back fond memories from childhood, like searching for beautiful flowers and preserving them in the pages of books. The art of pressed flowers dates back to the early 9th Century.

We are pleased to offer to you selected creations from Mizue Tanaka's personally designed lines. Showcasing Ms. Tanaka's specialty, pressed and preserved flowers, we bring to you artistic yet useful items like memorial garden photo frames, cell phone straps which use beautiful eternal roses, eyeglass holders and other creations which you can continue to enjoy for many years.